© 2018  Marcin Gornia stainless steel sculptures

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Stainless steel Jesus crucifixion sculpture

£ 3000

This sculpture is made of stainless steel. It can be displayed indoors as well as outdoors. This unique sculpture was designed and hand made by Marcin Gornia. Signed and dated at the back. At present it is wall  hanged  but separate mounted base can also be made , if cross should be standing for example at the church alter. 

Dimensions       97/28/12.5 cm - 38/23/5 inches

" Venus " stainless steel face sculpture 

                            £ 2000

This unique sculpture is made out of recycled stainless steel. And it can be displayed indor as well as outdoor .

Dimensions   39/19/45 cm - 15.5/7.5/17.5 inches

Unique stainless steel sculpture Made mostly of recycled cutlery . This sculpture  is signed and dated inside the base . 

Dimensions   52/52/21 cm - 20.5/20.5/8.5 inches

" Rearing horse "  stainless steel sculpture


" Trinquility"  abstract stainless steel sculpture                                             £500  

Abstract contemporary sculpture in classical geometric form. Dimmensions   42/20/30 cm  - 16/8/12 inches

" African coin face " welded coins sculpture "                                        £700

African native face made of welded 1 pence coins. This sculpture is unique designed  and hand made by Marcin Gornia

Dimensions  67/46/23 cm - 26.5/18/9 inches